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Alto saxophone player, composer, arranger.Saxophone lecturer of NAGOYA UNIVERCITY OF ARTS(jazz and pops program)
Born and raised in Nagoya, MICHIYO started to learn the electric organ(YAMAHA) when 5 years old. In elementary schoolCshe belonged to the recorder(wind instrument) club and played baroqueCcharch music and Japanese folk songs etcDIn junior high school, she played flute, trumpet, contra bass in the brass band. At the same timeClearned to play jazz with electric organ. In high school, changed to have alto sax. The brass band there, treated jazz tunes. She often listened to the jazz programs on the radio at home. Then, she majored in English literature at collegeCand belonged to the jazz band(combo) there. During the college, she studied to compose and arrange at YAMAHA music schoolD After graduated, she started to study the improvisaion(and chord progression, scales etc.) againCworking as a teacher of electric organ and the ensemble lesson at YAMAHA music school for a whileDShe learned jazz piano from jazz pianist YOSHIHIKO NAYA(p)Cand took lessons of the improvisation by HIDEHUMI TOKI(as).After finished TOKI's carriculum the most fastest among his students he ever had, she started to play as a member of the SUNAO WADA(g)band in Nagoya.

In March 2003Cshe released her debut albumgLuck Of Piecesh from Swing Cat's Record
    mpersonnelFKoji Goto(p)Masashi Kato(b)Yoshihito Eto(ds)Recorded on 29-30 SeptemberC2002n.
In April 2008, released second albumg
Mind Pictureshfrom jazz inn Lovely label.
    [personel:Koji Goto(p)Go Shimada(b)Kazuyoshi Kuroda(ds) Recorded on 14-15 February,2008]
In Nov 2019Creleased 3rd album gLand Of Dreamsh from New Vintasge Record
    mpersonnelFKoji Goto(p)Yoshihito Eto(ds)Satoshi Tokuda(b) Recorded on 13-14 SeptemberC2019n.
She became the first female professional saxophone player in Nagoya.

yplayed with these musiciansz
Masahiko Osaka(ds) Yoshihito Etoh(ds) Seiji Tada(as) Tatsuji Yokoyama(perc) Toshihiko Inoue(ts) Manabu Ohishi(p) Tetsuroh Kawashima(ts) Yutaka Shiina(p) Tatsuya Nakamura(ds) Suetoshi Shimizu(ts) Masahiro Sayama(p) Stan Gilbart(b) Tsutomu Okada(b) Akira Ishii(p) Yousuke Inoue(b) Keiji Matsushima(tp) Tommy Cammbell(ds) Fukushi Tainaka(ds) Dairiki Hara(ds) Shigeharu Mukai(tb) Keiji Matsushima(tp) Hisatsugu Suzuki(ts) Stafford Hunter(tb) Hikari Ichihara(tp) Junichiroh Ohguchi(p) Nobuyoshi Ino(b) Yoshio Ikeda(b) Makoto Oka(ts) Daiki Yasukagawa(b) Junko Makiyama(vil)
Sit in the bands many times-Kousuke Mine(ts)Quintet,Seiji Tada(as)Quartet"the most".
Had opportunity to sit in -Lew Tabackin(ts), Sonny Fortune(as), John Hicks(p), Wayne Dockery(b), Steve Johns(ds), Abraham Burton(sax), Serge Delate(p).
Played with Vincent Herring(as) at jam session in NY, 2004.

Please check out the schedule, tooDHere's some photos. Thank you.

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yFM Radio and TVz
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ECitizen ConcertyKasamatsu city (GIFU)z(June 2001)
ECitizen Concert
yHekinan city(AICHI)z(Nov.2001)
ECitizen Concert
yKasamatsu city(GIFU)z(June 2002)
EOutdoor Event
yTokai-TV "Summer Resort Park in Oasis21ETwilight Jazz"z(Aug.2003)
EOutdoor Event
y"Atsuta-no-Mori" produced by Minato coopz Michiy Quartet(May 2004)
y"Okazaki Civic Center Uchida Osamu Jazz Collection PR exhibition"z(July 2004)
ECitizen Concertg
y"16th Kasugai Art theatervproduced by Kasugai Civic Cultual FoundationzMichiyo Quartet(Aug.2005)
ELecture class Guest Concert
yYamaha Music Fundation Electone teachers workshopz@Michiyo Trio(Sep.2005)(Yamaha resort Tsumagoi ,Music garden hall)
EOutdoor Event
yMino city(GIFU)"12th Mino Washi Akari-ArtiCreative Lanternj Contest & Exhibition"z(Oct.2005)
ELecture class Guest Concert
yYamaha Music Fundation Electone teachers workshopz@Michiyo Trio(July 2006)(Yamaha resort Tsumagoi ,Music garden hall)
EAnniversary of the school establishment
yNagoya Tsuyuhashi Elementary School "100th anniversary of the establishment concert"z@(Nov.2006)
EOutdoor Event
ySONY Kouta Tec. Summer Festivalz@(Aug.2007)
EOutdoor Concert
yOkazaki city(AICHI)"Okazaki Civic Center` SPRING JAZZ FESTA`"z@Michiyo Quartet(Apr.2008)
EOutdoor Music Festival
y"Sakae Minami Music Festival2008"z@(May2008)
EOutdoor Event
y"Nagoya Groovin' summer2009"z@(Aug.2009)
EOutdoor Event
y"58th Nagoya Hirokouji Summer Festival"z@(Aug.2009)
EOutdoor Event
y"Tsuruma Park 100th anniversary concert"z(Oct.2009)
EUnivercityl Event@
yMeijo Univercity "Home comming day"z@(Nov.2009)
EFM Radio Event
y"FM RADIO-i@10th Anniversary Super Concert"z@THE BOTTOM LINE (Apr.2010)
EArt Museum Concert
yToyota city museum"Jazz in Museum of Art"z@Michiyo Qurtet (Oct.2010)
yAichi Triennale 2010 "Nagoya de la Festival =Jazz="z Michiyo Quartet(Oct.2010)
EEvent Concert
yMitoh-ku Jazz Club "10th Anniversary Concert"z@(Oct.2010)
ESchool Concert
yAichi Nagakute city Educational program"deart2012"zNagakute junior high scool, Minami junior high scool(June 2012)
ECitizen Cncert
y"JAZZ IN THE ROOM 2012"z@Nagakute Bunka-no-ie Kaze-no-Hall(July 2012)
ECitizen Concert
y"JAZZ CAFE Michiyo Kobayashi Concert"z Michiyo Duo(Oct.2012) (produced by Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency)
ECitizen Concert
yKomaki city Jazz concert and Lecturez@Michiyo Quartet(Oct.2012) (produced by Komaki city board of education)
ECitizen Concerty9th Seki culture festival "Enjoy spring with jazz music" z@Michiyo Quartet(Mar.2016) (produced by Seki city cultural association)

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EArticle & Photo @yGifu Newspaper& Chunichi Newspaperz "Tsuruma Park 100th Anniversary concert"(Oct.2009)
EArticle & Photo @
yChunichi Newspaperz Jazz concert at Nagakute Minami junior high school(Jun.2012j
EAdvt. & Photo
@@yChunichi Newspaperz "JAZZ CAFE Michiyo Kobayashi Concert"(Sep.2012)

EArticle@@@@@ySWING JOURNALz@"picked up 30 new faces in jazz 2002"(p.115)(Jun.2002)
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yOther activityz
EMember of "ZIP-FM Radio Program Deliberation Committee" - During 2010

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ypick up gig recommendedz
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